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We’ve set up this page (and a billboard in our office) to help match hunters with lease owners.

At the BOTTOM of this page leave the following info:

1. Lease you want or have available (acres, time period, etc.)
2. Your Name
3. A contact phone number
4. Contact Email

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373 responses to “Need A Lease? Have A Lease?”

  1. Looking for a long term family hunting lease . My brother and I would like to have a nice place we can take our kids to. We are management minded hunters, who will take care of the land as if it were our own. I can be contacted via text at (512) 831-2393 or email

  2. I have 4150 acres in Webb Co 25 miles N of Laredo. $68,000 for lease no more than 8 hunters protein, cottonseed & corn included. RV Hook ups

  3. Looking for a yearly lease for at least 3-5 hunters. We can get more hunters immediately for a larger lease. We are all very management minded hunters. We treat the place as if it was our own. We are looking for a long term lease. We prefer to be family oriented. Please text or call 254-744-0138 or email

  4. 3 hunters looking for 300-500 acres. Annual lease preferred. Wanting a long term relationship. Will provide our own feeders and stands. Text or call 713-598-3307. Email at

    Previous post had no email. Please remove.

  5. 3 hunters looking for 300-500 acres. Annual lease preferred. Wanting a long term relationship. Will provide our own feeders and stands. Text or call 713-598-3307

  6. Responsible grandfather and long time hunter is looking for 200 to 800 acres for myself my son and my grandson. My son in law and my other grandson are interested as well.

    We are 5 responsible and safety oriented hunters who have moral and ethical principles within our family.

    My name Richard Vera and my contact number is 832-262-6783. My email is attached but here it goes again..

  7. Responsible management minded hunters looking for a lease. Just lost our lease due to land being sold. We are looking for something short term but would like to develop a long term relationship if possible. 3 to 5 guns.

    Thank you.

    Julio Ramos

  8. Looking to join a lease in the Mason/Llano area.
    Gun and/or bow hunting is fine.
    Call or text 512-486-8739

    1. Your phone number does not accept text or calls.

    2. Sorry, the number should have been 512-468-8739.

  9. My family is looking for an annual lease. We are very responsible hunters. I would like a place to take the kids, if you find anything, please let me know. Thanks,

    Peter F Stout

  10. I have a group of 6 hunters that have hunted together for many years near Fredonia. The sand plant moved in so we had to move out. Our group ages are 35-50. We can provide ranch owner/leese owner information for reference if needed. We would prefer a year round lease but seasonal is Good too from opening bow season to late deer season. We have our own feeders and blinds.

    Thanks you

    1. Please post contact information.

  11. Looking for a family lease for me, my father and brother-in-law. Also, we will need to be able to bring our wife’s and kids (8 years of age) during the season and off season. We are looking for a year around lease, lodging isn’t need, no blinds or feeders needed we can furnish. We feed year around and are looking for at least 700 to 2000 acres in the hill country to manage appropriately.


    1. Please contact me 830-563-7442

    2. I have a lease north of Harper Texas. Very remote and there will be deer there. Kids can hunt with their parents. Two openings $1600 per gun. Very remote. Let me know if interested.

      1. I am very interested and will take it. Can I call you about it. My number is 281-204-3576.

        1. I’m very interested in your lease. We have 5-10 management hunters looking for a permanent lease. Great location as a lot of my family is from the Kerrville and Harper area. Please contact me at 832-799-3393 to discuss details. Thank you.

      2. An I get your number to discuss the lease. We are very interested. My number is 281-204-3576.

      3. Randy, I will take the two spots if u still have them available. My name is Dennis Wagner and my number is 281-204-3576. Please let me know if it still available. Call or text either is fine. I would like to know a little more about the place.

        Thank you.

      4. Randy, I will take the other two spots if they are still available. My number is 281-204-3576.

      5. Randy, I will take the two spots if they are still available. My number is 281-204-3576.

      6. I will take the 2 spots. 281-204-3576

      7. Randy, if you have the 2 spots available I will take them. Please call me at 281-204-3576.

      8. Please call me at 281-204-3576.

      9. Has your lease been filled by any chance?

  13. Needed;
    **lease for 3 sons and Father (ages, 35,38,41,64)
    **we would like to bring our children at times.
    **we have nice rvs to stay in.
    **looking for 200 or more acres.
    **mainly deer,turkey and pigs some dove hunting.
    **like a long term lease 5 or more years,

    For this year, we know its late, we have land in Family East Texas ready, but want a last minute change.

    214-500-6603 leave a message if you dont get me.

  14. Have 5 guys who are looking for a 7 day bowhunting lease in the second week of October with a minimum of 200 acres for $500 a week. We will supply deer feeders and corn.

  15. need a lease. we have 7 hunters that looking for a long term lease for our families to be able to game manage and hunt. we enjoy working the land and making improvements to the place. we are not into parties. just clean family activities.

  16. Looking for a longterm family deer lease, we have 7 people that are already committed and can get more if lease will accommodate. All management minded hunters, we are open to any location in hill country just looking for somewhere that has electricity and water well/source. Looking to build longterm relationship with landowner to improve their property and have a nice place for our families to spend some time together.
    Dale Larson

  17. Looking for a year round lease for 4 hunters. Would like to be able to bring family out to enjoy the outdoors during the year. Willing to do necessary work on the property to keep it up and make necessary improvements. All 4 hunters are veterans and very responsible hunters and love the outdoors.

  18. Looking for an annual lease for myself and family (14 and 10 year old), wife might show up but will not hunt. Kids are finally wanting to go hunt, so now I’m looking for a full time lease. We would be open to day leasing as well.


    1. Thomas,
      I was just reading your text. I know it was last year but if you are still interested in spending some time hunting with the family, let me know and I’ll send you some information for a place around Mason.

  19. Looking for lease for whitetail, and possibly exotics or hogs. Would like 200-600 acres for 2-3 hunters. Annual preferred but seasonal ok. Management minded hunter spending time with my young adult sons. Please email or contact me at 337-842-7846. Thanks

  20. I’m just lookin for maybe 50 to 100 acres for my dad,my brother and myself.thanks

  21. Interested in lease 972-467-4459

  22. Need a family year round lease. 3 Adults plus 3 teenage children. All Hunter’s are experienced and management minded. Teenage children are mature and experienced. Looking to lease by July 2016 and maintain the lease for years to come. Lodging preferred and stands and feeders existing if possible. Looking for Whitetail and Axis if available. Looking for a great place to spend time with my children hunting and enjoying nature.
    Nelson Grubbs

  23. 3 responsible hunters looking for deer lease. Have hunted in Hondo on same lease for last 11 years. Looking for long term lease. Please call Gene at 281-794-8739.

  24. Currently looking for a property for a year round lease. I have 4 serious hunters and we have leased land in Eden and Mason for the last 20 years 1 lease 15 one lease 5. We are management minded hunters who grow big deer and work to keep the numbers and ratios right. Very respectful of the property we lease and will work to improve if given the opportunity and chance.

    Will consider each property size on individual basis so none too small or big.

    Please contact me Bruce G Buswell (979)-248-0832 or

    Thank you for your consideration.

  25. Looking for a year around lease for 2015-2016.. Would like housing if possible for 2 guns, family and kids should be welcome.. Have feeders and blinds if needed..Just want a place for family to enjoy.. Been on a MDL for 10+ years. know how manage the land and deer.

    Please e-mail us
    or call 979-451-3167 cell

  26. My son-in-law and I are looking for a two person lease in Mason, Llano or San Saba counties. We hunted 3 years in Mason county before a job change prevented staying on the lease. I hunted the same lease in San Saba county for 20 years before a management change forced us off. We are both college grads with extensive experience in range and cattle management so we will be good stewards of your property. We are both also land owners and run cattle. We do not shoot the little ones! All situations will be considered. Thanks. 903.806.1572


    PLEASE CALL 512-968-0536

  28. Two mature experienced hunters looking for a 200 – 500 acre year round lease. Willing to pay for a good long-term lease. 512-751-1341

  29. Wanted family deer lease

    Thank you for reading my ad. We are a Christian family looking for a annual deer lease. We are looking for a family type lease. We do not hunt to just kill animals. We believe in spending outdoor quality time together as a family. I am a paid professional firefighter for over 20 years. Wife is a school teacher. We have two boys, one 12 the other is 9. They both have been hunting their whole lives. They both have attended the hunter safety/education class. We have hunted on the same property for the last six years, unfortunately property owners are going a different direction with the property. They will provide a reference if desired. We have harvested less than 10 deer in last six years. Again it’s about being outdoors and spending quality time together. We have camper, blinds and feeders. We will respect your property and treat it as if it were ours. We obey all rules. We also can help with up keep of land. Please let us know if you can help or know someone that can. This means a lot to me and family. We prefer to stay with 150 miles of New Braunfels. Thank you and God bless.

  30. I forgot my contact Info:


    Phone 214-923-5750

  31. looking to fill two openings (seven total) on a 1,200 acre lease in the Eldorado area…4th year on the property…water/electricity at the camp…rancher does not allow bow hunting or guest in the field during hunting season
    looking for, long term, seriously management minded hunters that can let very good 3 year olds walk
    $1,500.00 per gun

    1. Hello,

      I’m interested in the El Dorado lease. You can contact me at 832-385-4434 or via email at Thanks

    2. openings are filled for 2016-2017 season, no more available

    3. one last-minute cancellation…one spot still open on the 1,200 acre (7gun total) Eldorado lease…

  32. Looking for a longterm family deer lease, we have 7 people that are already committed and can get more if lease will accommodate. All management minded hunters, we are open to any location in hill country just looking for somewhere that has electricity and water well/source. Looking to build longterm relationship with landowner to improve their property and have a nice place for our families to spend some time together.
    Dale Larson

  33. Looking for a family oriented year round lease starting Fall 2016 in Hill country area. 5-8 hunters who have hunted together for years. Prefer something with a cabin or able to leave an Rv with electric and water hook ups.

    John Smitherman

    We are management minded hunters that follow rules. Looking for Mature Deer and Turkey, hogs and dove are ok too. We have campers, Stands, Feeders, Panels – we would like to lease year around.
    Both men are over 50 years old and responsible gun hunters, Long Term relationship is desired.
    Would like to stay within 2.5- 3 hours or less from Austin TX Area.
    Would like to pay for a full year lease -“annually” 2 guns 2 men
    Call Mark 512-317-2443 or email

  35. We recently lost our lease here in mason county due to land owners splitting up the land amongst the family. We were lucky enough to be on the same deer lease for over 35 years and are sad that it ended. We love mason county and are looking for a year round long term lease. Please email or call me at 832-526-3036. Thanks, jason

  36. Richard

    Looking for an annual deer lease preferably 100 plus acres for a management minded family. We have hunted the hill country for many years and as a 69 year old granddad I would love to spend some quality time with my son, son in law and my grandkids.
    Please contact me at 832-262-6783 or 832-262-6776 if you have a reasonably priced hunting lease.


  37. Retired 62 yr old solo hunter looking for annual acreage lease, or a spot on an annual lease. Prefer bow hunting only, but would gun hunt as well if I can bow hunt. I can commute to Mason/Llano/San Saba counties so housing is preferred, but not mandatory. No family or guests hunt with me.

  38. looking for a long term seasonal lease in Hill country area. 4 hunters who have hunted together for years.
    have our own campers and blinds/stands.

    903-360-8760 or jdredfern@aol,com

  39. Looking for a deer lease for 2 (maybe up to 4) hunters in the hill country. Prefer long term relationship for experienced, responsible hunters.

  40. Looking for a year round lease or season lease for at least 3 hunters can be more. Would like for lease to be family friendly. We have our own blinds and feeders, we like to feed year round. Exotics would be a plus but not necessary. Would like to have a camp house with water and electricity if possible. Looking for at 100 to 500 acres. Please e-mail me or call me at(979) 694-8183.

  41. We are a group of 8 men who have been hunting together for a number of years. Half of us have hunted together for over 40 years and the other half are our sons or son in laws. We hunted in Fredericksburg for 34 years on the same ranch until the owner had to sell the property. We have been in Post, TX for the past 8 years and found out last eek the owner was selling the ranch. We area management minded hunters looking for a year round lease with a cabin. We only shot 12 bucks in the 8 years in Post. Would like to build a long term relationship with another ranch owner. All of us live or grew up in a mall Czech Community in the town of West, TX. A family oriented group of hunters who take care of ranch owners property and cabin. We would appreciate your consideration.
    Harry Marak (1-254-744-0174)

  42. Looking for a year round lease in the hill country for 2016-17. We hunted on a family lease in Harper for 19 years, but lost it due to the owners passing. We would like to find another long term lease in the Harper/Junction/Mason area. We will need electric/water access for trailers, or a cabin if available. We will work with the owner to manage the herd and will respect your rules and property. Exotics would be a plus but not a deal breaker. Would like to be able to bring wives, kids, and grandkids. We have our own feeders and blinds, and have fed year round on our previous lease.
    I can easily fill up to 10 spots or possibly more, but will consider as few as 2 spots to be able to hunt with my Dad again. Please let me know if you have a place that may work for us.


    1. Forgot Email.

  43. Looking for annual lease for 3 possibly 4 management minded hunters…hogs, small game,exotics a plus. Looking for 2016 season.

  44. Looking for a lease at least 100 acres. Bigger is ok too as I know of 3-4 more guys looking as well.
    Needs to be family friendly. Please email me at Or call 28one-7eight7-8568

  45. Looking for a lease that will accommodate 4 management minded hunters. Please call anytime if you have anything available 8173073277 thanks

  46. Looking for a lease for a group of 4-5. Needs to be family friendly as we all have kids that would like to go. Please email me if you know of any and the details. Thank you in advance

    1. Oops didn’t see this one actually posted.

  47. I have hunted Mason County for 12 years and enjoyed stopping by the Mason Feed Store on every trip down there and especially looked forward to getting one of your calendars . But sadly we lost our lease last year. I was wanting to know I if there is a way I could get this years calander from you some how.

  48. Looking for a yr rd lease for 2016 in the hill country with wt, turkey, hogs and axis or other exotic for 5 experienced hunters. 1000 acres or more with electricity and water for campers. We have feeders and stands. Please call or email Gary Miller 903-209-5796. Thanks

  49. Looking for any size lease for 2-4 hunters… All have law enforcement and/or military backgrounds.. Justin 512-529-1910

  50. Are you looking for a quality group of management minded hunters to lease your property? If you are tired of hunters disrespecting you property, not paying fees on time, and leaving a dirty campsite then give me a call. We are looking for 500 to 1000 acres with a cabin to lease seasonally/annually. We are family mined hunters who like and enjoy our families to come on occasion and enjoy in the deer lease experience. I personally have 25+ years of hunting experience and have worked as a guide for two ranches in the past 15 years. I will help develop a management strategy with the ranch owner to increase the quality of the deer herd. we are looking for a long term relationship with the right lease opportunity. I have references available upon request. Please give me a call and let’s discuss.

    1. phone number is 281-389-2247

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