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James Schultea

In search of lease for 2019-2020 Season. Looking for long term lease deer hogs etc. Family orienated with or without camping . 200 acres plus not looking to break the bank but looking for something that has quality animals on we are a few guys that are very management minded hunters . Looking to be around the Fredericksburg Tx , or Uvalde, Texas area or South Texas thanks in advance.
James Schultea
# 281/594-6724

Jerry S

Looking for 2-4 day deer hunting package for this year. Father/son, but just my son who will be hunting. Prefer Texas hill country area, and doe only is ok. If you have something to offer please send me an email or text. Also looking to join a 2019 lease – year round preferred (2 spots) in same area, if you end up with open slots after this year. Responsible, serious, and Christian minded. 912-650-9130

Dustin Loden

Looking for family lease for 2019-2020 season, low fence preferred but, would be open to a well managed High fence as well. At least 1000 acres 2 members only. Guest and family allowed MLD would be a plus but, would be open to agreeing on a number of animals as well, Exotics would be a plus. Must have camp house water and electricity and be able to sleep at least 10. Management minded and looking for long term lease. We supply feed, feeders and stands. Must be year round and Under 20k.

Chris Bell

Looking for seasonal or long term. Licensed, career driven, drug/alcohol free, Respectful, Honest and looking for a deer lease. Have hunted my entire life on the same lease but property owner passed away and the land was sold. Looking for a family friendly environment ( Father, Son, Grandpa) for the usual game. Dove, Deer, & Especially Hog. Have references if needed, No problem camping or staying at a local Hotel. Reach me at info below. Thank you in advance!
Chris Bell (DFW)

Scott Bethea

Looking for a small year around lease for my Family. Preferably 200 to 500 acres but other sizes may work for us. Would like the possibility for long term.

Blake Hill

Looking for a seasonal or year round /long term lease for management minded hunters. Looking for the 2019 deer season but willing to start anytime if available. Any acreage but just lost a lease with 1000+/Cabin is a plus. Hunted in Mason County (same lease) for over 25+ years.4-8 members but willing to look at anything (all members in our group are family/close friends). Have references in the area.

Blake Hill

Douglas Hinds

I am looking for a small lease for my family. I have two boys and my wife. We want a place that we can enjoy camping there as much as hunting. I’m not interested in shooting a deer myself but want the boys to get a chance. My wife and I prefer to hog hunt and are not worried about harvesting a whitetail. This lease would be a place for the boys more than me and my wife. I have been looking for a couple of years now and it’s been nothing but frustration. Hope you can help me with… Read more »

Holly Belle Gilmore

Now is the time to come by Mason Feed Store and check out all of our feed, hunting supplies, deer feeders, blinds and MORE!!


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Join the discussion…Thank you Holly, are you ready for the HUNT? We are! Stop by and see us. AND, thanks for hunting in the Hill Country.


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Tommy Laman

I have a group of 10 – 15 hunters. We are looking for a lease to make our home. We are management oriented and are very easy to work with. We have hunted together for approx. 30 years. We left our last lease because the property was sold.

Tommy Laman – 409-284-5791 (Please text or leave a voice message)

Jeff magana

Looking for a year around hunting lease for my son, son-in-law and my self around Bell county area. Really like to bow hunt. And would like to have a long term lease.

Dennis carter

Father son hunters Got Cash need lease asset .

Jodi Watson

Ive got 126 acres in Coleman County….lots of brush, seasonal creek and tanks….looking for 3 hunters…2,000 per gun annual

Mike Kuykendall

I am looking for a lease for next year. Please contact some at (254) 495-2824. Mike Kuykendall. I live in Schertz.

Barbara strong

Like so many other hunters, the ranch I worked so hard on has been sold. Life long lady hunter looking for a lease within 4 hours ( +-) of Houston. I can develop a small place or fit in on a larger one. No utilities or facilities, no problem. I have everything I need except the space. … e-mail, text or call 713-306-3086.. thanks

Shelly Vedros

Looking for hunting lease in Kendall county. Hunted 15 years on Jung Ranch near Fredericksburg but it was sold and the new owners didn’t want to lease so we are looking to get back in the hill country. 3-4 very responsible hunters
Any info would be helpful.

Keith Noel

I have a group of 10-12 hunters looking for a season lease with off-season access to fill feeders. Sadly, We are having to leave our current lease of 20 years due to the death of the landowner. I would like to visit with you about your available property. My cell s 972-849-4545 and I am available most any time.

Thank you

Keith Noel

Kenny klug

Looking to be a part of a lease that has lots of turkeys. I will not deer hunt since I run a duck hunting club and I have no interest in deer hunting.
Kenny Klug

Aj Barreiro

4 management minded hunters. Looking for a year-round lease. Bow and rifle hunting a must. Preferrebly in the hill country, would like to have at least 500+ acres. Looking to stay around $1500-$3000per gun with long term options, and a place to bring family. Willing to work on the land also. We are serious about our hunting and having a good relationship with land owner. Water/elec preferred but not a deal breaker. Thank you and God bless

Billy Nix

I am looking for a spring turkey lease for a single hunter. Please feel free to email me with any details.

Billy Nix

We are looking foe a lease in the Hill country for deer season 2018 for four grown ups and two young hunters. We do not mind setting up tents to teach the young hunters how to have a great time how to hunt and cook for themselves. We are very responsible hunters.

Doug Nevlud

Shiner family (4-5 people) looking for year-round deer lease in the Hill Country. Very responsible hunters. Camp house a plus. Doug 361-649-6880. Leave message if don’t answer or email

Responsible and game management minded hunters seeking an annual lease. Most of the group have been hunting together for over 20 years and are either Houston Firefighters or work in law enforcement. We are looking for a lease that we can feed year round, feed protein, setup and/or follow a management program that will be beneficial to the ranch and the game on the ranch and a family oriented environment. We respect the landowner, the ranch and treat the lease property as thought the property was our own. We are self-sufficient and resolve most issues on our own and do… Read more »


4 hunters looking for a family, year round lease. We are looking for a long term relationship with a management minded landowner. We are a family oriented group of experienced hunters who will be respectful and easy to deal with.


Kenny klug

Looking for Spring Turkey Lease. Willing to pay fair price.


Send me contact info at 1200 acres. 1.5
Mile stream. Mason Co. Large flock….

Luis Elias

Looking for 50 to 70 acres for my son and I in the Texas Hill Country area. Retired military and responsible management minded hunters. I can be contacted at 210-421-6815 or by email.

Jodi Watson

I have what you’re looking for at only $2,000.00 a gun for the entire year. I’m a retired Major, Field Artillery, so it’s a pleasure to extend this offer to you and your family. My phone number is 940-569-8331. Talk to Jodi Watson about the details. There are turkey, hog, deer, quail, and other assorted game. Those who want to just hog the cost is only $300.00 per gun, so if you’re interested please contact me. Take care, John Rivard

Jodi Watson

The phone number is 940 659 8331 looking for 3 hunters….

Tim Kyle ( phone 713-253-3789 )

Mr.Watson, If you have not filled the spots I am very interested in it. I need 2 spots for me I am 63 yrs old and my son is 40. We are both manage minded hunters, we don’t shoot just anything. We love venison so it would not bother us to shoot does if that is what is needed. We are looking for a long term place to go. The $2000 is what are top end is so that is not a problem, but we would need a place to stay in and it don’t have to be that big.… Read more »

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